Half cloth binding

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This refers specifically to a binding with the spine and corners covered in cloth. For the generic term for this style of binding with any kind of material, see half binding.

Half binding

Half leather binding


{{Concept translation|language=nl|label=half-linnen]]<ref name="Kneep">Gnirrep, W.K., J.P. Gumbert and J.A. Szirmai. Kneep en binding. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 1992.</ref>

<ref name="Kuhn" />

<ref name="Kuhn" />

  • Norwegian: halvlinbind<ref name="Nord" />, [[bind med rygg og hjørner av sjirting|status=preferred|source=Nord}}

<ref name="Nord" />, [[halvlinneband|status=preferred|source=Nord}}