Spine lining fabric

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Spine lining fabric


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"The fabric used to line the spine of a book. It is generally made of cotton, napped on the side which goes against the spine, and of a weight that will help support the spine while not decreasing its flexibility."<ref name="Etherington">Roberts, Matt T. and Don Etherington. "Spine lining fabric". Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books, A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. Conservation Online, 1994. Web. 29 March 2016.</ref>


crash (a much thinner open-weave cloth, not preferred for hand or library binding), super (American term), mull (British term)

Related terms[edit]

Spine lining, lining


, [[jaconet|status=preferred|source=Nord}}

  • Dutch: (translation needed)
  • Finnish: [[harso|status=preferred|source=Nord}}

Italian: (translation needed)
  • Latin: (translation needed)
  • Norwegian: (hefte)gas<ref name="Nord" />, [[jakonett|status=preferred|source=Nord}}
  • Spanish: (translation needed)
  • Swedish: [[häftgas|(häft)gas|status=preferred|source=Nord}}
  • Russian: марля


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