Marbled paper

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Related terms[edit]

Language code"Language code" is a predefined property that represents a BCP47 formatted language code and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.Translated termSourceCitation textThis property is a special property in this wiki.StatusSkos:scopeNote
daMarmoreretCitation needed!
demarmoriertes PapierCitation needed!
deMarmorpapierCitation needed!
espapel jaspeadoCitation needed!preferred
frpapier marbrèCitation needed!
frpapier AnnonayCitation needed!
itcarta marmorizzataCitation needed!
itcarta franceseCitation needed!
itcarta marmorataCitation needed!preferred
nlmarmerpapierCitation needed!
nlsitspapierCitation needed!preferred
svmamoreraCitation needed!
svmarmoreringCitation needed!