Girdle book

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  • Part of speech: noun

Related terms[edit]

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Language Translated term Source of translation (if exist) Sense of translation / notes
Deutsch/German Beutelbuch1 Kneep preferred
Deutsch/German Buchbeutel preferred
français/French reliure à l'aumonière1 Kneep preferred
français/French reliure à queue preferred
français/French livre-aumonière1 Kneep preferred
italiano/Italian legatura a borsetta2 Dizionario preferred
Latina/Latin vade mecum preferred
Latina/Latin pugillaria2 Dizionario preferred
Latina/Latin pugillaris2 Dizionario preferred
Nederlands/Dutch buidelboek1 Kneep preferred
Nederlands/Dutch buidelband1 Kneep preferred


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Girdle bookdeBeutelbuchKneep
Girdle bookfrreliure à l'aumonièreKneep
Girdle bookfrlivre-aumonièreKneep
Girdle bookitlegatura a borsettaDizionario
Girdle booklapugillariaDizionario
Girdle booklapugillarisDizionario
Girdle booknlbuidelboekKneep
Girdle booknlbuidelbandKneep



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