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  • Part of speech: noun
  • Definition: A lever type of cutter mounted on a flat bed and used for cutting hard millboard, and similar materials. The bed is equipped with a movable gauge against which the stock is placed for accurate cutting, and a foot-operated clamp which secures the material for cutting. The blade usually has one or more counterweights at the end opposite the handle to help prevent the knife from falling accidently, and also to reduce the effort required to raise the blade.1

Related terms[edit]

Paper cutter


Language Translated term Source of translation (if exist) Sense of translation / notes
Deutsch/German Deckelschere2 Kuhn preferred
Deutsch/German Pappschere3 ICA preferred
español/Spanish cizalla3 ICA preferred
français/French cisaille2 Kuhn preferred
italiano/Italian tagliacartone3 ICA preferred
italiano/Italian cesaia2 Kuhn preferred
italiano/Italian tagliatrice2 Kuhn preferred
italiano/Italian cesoia per cartone3 ICA preferred
русский/Russian картонорезальная машина
svenska/Swedish Pappsax4 Langwe preferred



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