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  • Part of speech: noun
  • Definition: A style of finishing in which the entire cover, as distinct from the corners, center or borders, is decorated by a single motif, multiple motifs, or a decorative roll. OR Any pattern in a book cloth which runs both across and down the roll.1

Related terms[edit]

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Language Translated term Source of translation (if exist) Sense of translation / notes
italiano/Italian decorazione a piatto pieno2 Dizionario preferred


From a 1905 speech given by Cyril Davenport to the Society of Antiquaries of London:
"The third style inaugurated in England by Mearne may be called the all over style as the design is repeated until the boards of the book are covered more or less all over The style is generally supposed to have originated with Le Gascon, a great French binder who invented the method of scoring binder's tools across at right angles to their right lines with the result that the impression made from them has a dotted effect.
This dotted work appears plentifully on many of Mearne's stamps Le Gascon's all over designs consist of an intertwined fillet in the interstices of which are impressed close masses of fine gold tooling. Mearne adopted this style almost exactly and evidently admired it much but he very shortly evolved from it a style particularly his own. He substituted a line of separately impressed curved stamps in the place of Le Gascon's continuous fillet and filled his spaces with much larger and more boldly designed stamps.
Mearne's all over bindings are bound in red and black morocco and the designs upon them are picked out in colour silver red or black. The finest as well as the commonest are probably those in black morocco picked out with silver. These colours with the rich gold of the actual tooling make a quite charming combination and the style generally is one of which we may well be proud."<ref>[1]</ref>


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