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==What is included==
==What is included==
All the terms from Etherington and Roberts' "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books". {{ER}}
All the terms from Etherington and Roberts' "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books".{{ER}}
==What is not included==
==What is not included==

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Welcome to the Multilingual Bookbinding and Conservation Dictionary, a project created by Suzy Morgan, book conservator and Preservation Specialist at ASU Libraries, and Peter Verheyen, creator of the Book Arts Web and the BOOK_ARTS-L listserv. It is an international dictionary of bookbinding and conservation terms, free of use to anyone.

The goal of this project is to combine, in one place, all the known bookbinding and book conservation terminology, in as many languages as possible. We are also including both current and archaic terms, to make the dictionary useful for both practicing conservators and bookbinders, as well as book history scholars. There are already a variety of multilingual dictionaries in existence, but none so comprehensive as what we envision for this project. In essence, we have taken every available multilingual dictionary of bookbinding, conservation or library words, and combined them.

We are not seeking to define these terms, but rather provide a simple tool for translating words that can be used together with other tools such as Google Translate. There a variety of bookbinding dictionaries available that already have rich definitions of these terms - definitions are provided only when similar-sounding terms need to be clarified.

You may notice that some words have different translations (or no translation at all!) according to different dictionaries, which is where we need your help! We are very interested in finding collaborators to help us fill in the gaps in those languages other than English and German, and cross-check existing words in those languages for accuracy.

If you'd like to become a wiki editor and participate in the project, please send an email to suzyemail (at) gmail.com.

What is included

All the terms from Etherington and Roberts' "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books".<ref name="EtheringtonRoberts"> [http://cool.conservation-us.org/don// Etherington and Robert's], "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology"</ref>

What is not included

Translations and full descriptions of colors, pigments, or chemicals or other common materials can be found elsewhere on CAMEO: Conservation & Art Materials Encyclopedia Online.

Getting started

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