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A small blocking press is known as an arming press.

"The arming press was, as its name implies, originally used for stamping coats of arms on the sides of leather-bound volumes. In its simplest form the process was as follows: The gold leaf was laid on the book cover in the appropriate place. The engraved block was heated and set in position on the book itself. Pressure was then applied by means of a screw-down press. Not only was the process slow, but a considerable degree of skill was necessary. Not the least of Leighton's difficulties must have been that the trade of ab lcoker had barely been thought of. No doubt the screw type of press had already been superseded by 1832, but the scanty evidence available leads me to believe that the arming press called the Imperial was introduced in that very year. This press was worked on a principle similar to that of the Imperial printing press, with a pull-over arm and rods for the application of the pressure. Heat was applied through a heater box, to which the engraved block was screwed, and was maintained by the insertion of irons supplied from a brazier at the workman's side. There was a bed with gauges for the accurate reception of the work."[1]


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